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Our business aim is to procure and sell authentic Nilgiri products. 

From Original Eucalyptus oil to a wide range of oils such as Gaultheria oil, Citronella oil, Citriodora oil, Almond oil, Clove oil and Lemon grass oil. We procure from the best eucalyptus oil manufacturers for you to buy and use.

In the near future, we will expand to sell best quality Tea grown, processed and packed in Ooty, Spices and fruits grown on the hills of Nilgiris and other items that are unique to the Nilgiri Eco system. This will bring to your home great Tea times and good fruits to relish.

Nilgiri Fresh will expand to bring to your home the renowned and  best home made chocolates and bakery items like Varkies from Nilgiris.

Our team had previously been selling on Ebay. We did think about selling on Amazon and Flipkart. Selling Eucalyptus oil, Gaultheria and Tea items on these marketplaces would in itself increase the prices. So to keep the prices affordable, we put up our own ecommerce platform and negotiated shipping from our end to keep it cheaper for our customers.

We know its tough to compete with Foreign funded Ecommerce giants, but we see the increasing demand for local products from local sellers. In addition to the Price factor which we provide, we hope for the best.

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