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Almond oil

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ALMOND OIL from Ooty (Skin care oil)

Almond oil is a moisturizer and emollient, which is why it is widely used for Skin Care

Direct application below the eyes clears dark circles around the eyes. It clears pimples and black heads on the face.

Almond oil is the best massage oil. Its special skin caring natural moisturizer makes your skin softer, smoother and lovelier.

It has the ability to treat dried skin and to reduce the appearance of scars.

Almond oil is rich in vitamin D, vitamin E (Tocopherol) and various minerals that help soothe the skin from irritation, protect the skin from UV radiation damage and restore the skin’s moisture. almond oil can protect your skin from the sun as well as reverse any damage that has happened to your skin as a result of exposure to UV rays.

To sum up repair soothe and soften the skin by using Nilgiri Fresh Almond oil

ALMOND OIL from Ooty (Skin care oil)

Almond oil from OotyAlmond oil can rejuvenate the skin and improve your complexion. These properties might help reduce acne scars. The oil is replete with vitamin E that works wonders on your skin. It can treat acne and reduce inflammation. It achieves this by preventing lipid peroxidation that is caused by acne-causing bacteria. The vitamin E in almond oil may also reduce dark circles. The oil works for sunburns too

Traditionally, almond oil was used to treat dry skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. Almond oil is also frequently used in massages and is considered to be a good topical moisturizer.

Excessive exposure to UV radiation from sunlight can play a major role in skin aging and in different skin cancers. Almond oil prevents skin damage from UV radiation when applied topically.

Almond oil to penetrates skin deeply and gets rid of accumulated debris. This in turn prevents the formation of acne. What’s more, almond oil is rich in Vitamin A which is known to reduce acne flare-ups. With the aid of almond oil you can reverse the effects of skin ageing caused by exposure to factors like the sun, smoke as well as from dehydration.

Almond oil could also prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

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    Good quality. Reasonable price. Delivered on time.
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  2. Mathew Joseph Cyril (verified owner)

    Use it on the face to clear

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