Citriodora Oil


CITRIODORA OIL for hair care (Hair Oil)

Using in hair and germicides, it arrests falling of hair, promotes growth of hair and cures dandruff, helps to keep scalp cool, keeps hair smooth and soft when used as hair oil ( two teaspoons mixed with 100 grams of coconut oil or any other oil). Also used to ward of mosquitoes by mixing with water and spraying it.

The oil relieves cough, cold and sore throat and opens up the respiratory tract.
The oil is a strong insect repellent and keeps insects, cockroaches and silverfish at bay.
The oil stimulates immune system response and destroys bacteria.
Having great deodorizing property Citriodora oil is excellent for smelly shoes, cooking smells and pets. The oil when used for local wash or body massage will improve blood circulation and maintains the moisture of the body.

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CITRIODORA OIL for hair care

Citriodora oil is used to treat the hair related problems like hair fall, dandruff and lice. Citriodora oil aids in making hair stronger and shinier.

25 grams of this oil mixed in 100 grams Coconut oil or other oils, aids to check premature falling and greying of hair.

Also, It is commonly used as an insect repellent, and to assist with respiratory issues.  It also reportedly encourages emotional wellness and liberation. Mainly used in vapour therapy, aromatherapy, massage, bath and skincare.

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